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I'm Gema Gutiérrez

Product Designer & Entrepreneur

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I am a highly motivated and experienced UX Designer willing to create digital products. I have a ten-year background in innovative user experiences for mobile and web applications.

In 2017 I made a change in my professional career towards the world of entrepreneurship, as a product designer at WatsomApp. This is a product that detects bullying through artificial intelligence in schools. To learn more, see case study here:

Currently I am UX & Product Designer freelancer. I help Startups as HETIKUS to created and improve their products or services.

I am very proud to be  founder of PildorasUX, a eLearning website to teach UX design through online courses.

Work Experience



Chief Design Officer & Product Designer

My team and I are developing a B2B digital product that helps companies comply with European and international regulations and procedures and detect money laundering and terrorist financing.


Píldoras UX


I created this eleaming portal to teach UX design through online courses.


Validamos Ideas

UX Designer

I am a UX freelancer. I help other entrepreneurs to research and design new products or services. I work with a team of collaborators through Validamos Ideas.



Product Designer

I was design a product to detect bullying in schools using the Watson IBM's Artificial Intelligence

2015 - 2016


Interaction Designer

I have been working as an Interaction Designer, some of my duties included creating new services with the Service Design Lead, I also collaborated in the research process, user interviews, user journeys and wireframes.

2014 - 2015


UX Designer

I worked as an UX designer, I managed the Product Owner of the develop team using agile methodology (Scrum) to develop the website of Liberty and Genesis Insurers.


Telvent (now Connectis)

UI/UX Designer

In 2011, my role was changed to UX/UI Consultant in a new area of the company. I was working on projects for Inditex, Randstad, Leroy Merlin...etc. My last year in this company I was an UX Consultant in the design and UX area of Santander Bank.

2007 - 2011

Telvent (Schneider)

UI Designer

On the first three years I was the Head Visual Design of the Health Area where I designed products software to the Andalucian hospitals.

2006 - 2007

Telefonica Soluciones

UI Designer

My duties included: UI Designer where I created templates designs for CMS to manage diferent websites of Spanish Councils.

2001 - 2005


Web Designer

This was the beginning of my career. I was a Web Designer and eLearning Designer for the Creative Services department. In which I designed for several companies such as: Prosegur,mahou, ministries...etc.



Virtual Reality Design Immersive



Let’s Design Awkward Moments of AI Automated Living by Oli Shaw

Interaction Week 17


Hacks UX for your company

Eduardo Manchon's course


Conducting Usability Testing

The Interaction Design Foundation


Online marketing, web analytics and product / market

The Valley Digital Business School


Usability, Standards & Information Architecture

Murcia University


Graphic Design

Institute Europeo di Design


Technical Specialist in Photographic Image

IES Luis Buñuel

My Interests

In my free time I enjoy going to see art exhibitions, make photography, travel a lot if I can. I am currently pursuing my keen interest in AI, bots, and robotics.

  • Photography
  • Artificial Intelligent & Bots
  • Art
  • Travel


  • During the approximately two years in which Gema Gutiérrez Medina worked under my coordination at Telefónica Soluciones proved to be a responsible and diligent person in terms of fulfilling her duties and responsibilities, as well as being an excellent companion and magnificent professional. Reasons for which I allow myself to recommend it very favorably.

  • Gema is an excellent professional, conscientious in everything she does and very hardworking. She is skilled and experienced in dealing with customers and exceptional partner. He has always been able to gain the professional and human appreciation of all his co-workers and the client.

    For that reason, I consider it a suitable person to develop and carry out all the projects that it decides to undertake.

    Beatriz de Castro UX/UI Consultant en Accenture Interactive
  • Gema is a proactive professional, always in a constant search for knowledge that enrich her to optimally develop the projects she faces day by day. She is an excellent companion, always ready to collaborate with the team, it is very easy to work with her since she possesses an incomparable gift of people. So I'm sure Gema is an important link for any company

    Vanesa Porras UX Web Designer Banco Santander



UI Design

Login Game

Gamification test for the students.

Individual student report

Report to the most important KPIs about the student who help the school to take action in case of bulliyng

Watsom Assistant Interface

Watsom Assistant is and robot avatar who speaks with the childrens throught a dialogue created by spycologist and using the IBM Artificial Intelligent. The avatar design is created by margaritoestudio

Logo & bussiness card

Santander Totta Bank

UI Design UX design

Totta Santander Bank

I created new responsive components for different internal projects. Along with the areas dedicated to the analysis and creation of new components. As well as, facilitated the design and development team. The most important projects I was involved in was Totta Bank (Portuguese Santander Bank) and Openbank websites.

Uses cases example

This is one of the samples of a slider component use case where various sizes are described.


UX design

Openbank website

Together with stakeholders and Design Area of Bank Santander, I was created the new website, all components are responsive. The website was launched in 2015.

Openbank login

Génesis insurance

UX design

Genesis & Liberty Insurance

I was the project manager of a Genesis new website with a ux/design team. In first phase, I facilitated the stakeholders needs, after this I held decision-making meetings regarding the AI/ wireframes and visual design. Once I finished it I was the product Owner (SCRUM – agile methodology) of the development team.

Genesis budget insurance

The new budget insurance was created for all insurance belongs to the company: Genesis, Liberty and Regal

Liberty budget insurance

The new budget insurance was created for all insurance belongs to the company: Genesis, Liberty and Regal

Regal budget insurance

The new budget insurance was created for all insurance belongs to the company: Genesis, Liberty and Regal


UI Design

Movistar customers

I created different visual designs to make an A/B test with the team web analytics. The final results showed that the designs I created worked better than existing designs.

Movistar customers

Movistar customers mobile

Augmented Reality Valladolid

UI Design

Augmented Reality Valladolid app

I was the visual designer of this application for the tourist office of Valladolid. It is the first Augmented Reality application that allows the user to explore the city of Valladolid through a family friendly mystery that must be solved.

Promotional video

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